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Secondary Science

In our secondary science curriculum, students embark on a comprehensive exploration of various scientific disciplines. They delve into fundamental topics covering laboratory skills, biology, chemistry, and physics. From understanding cell structure and organization to exploring the diversity of matter through its chemical and physical properties, students gain a broad understanding of scientific principles. Additionally, they hone essential skills and techniques crucial for scientific inquiry. Through data analysis, experiment-based questions, and real-world applications, students develop proficient answering techniques. Furthermore, they engage in hands-on experimentation, mastering skills like identifying variables and crafting experiment procedures. Our program not only fosters theoretical knowledge but also cultivates practical expertise, empowering students to navigate the complexities of scientific exploration with confidence and precision.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Establishment of a Strong Foundation:

We prioritise building a robust foundation for our students, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in STEM fields post-graduation. 

Digestible Module-Based Learning:

Every lesson is carefully crafted into digestible modules, ensuring that students can grasp complex scientific concepts with ease and confidence. 

Challenging High-Order Thinking:

We go beyond rote memorisation by challenging our students with high-order thinking questions sourced from past year’s examination papers. This approach not only sharpens their critical thinking skills but also expands their scientific vocabulary. 

Comprehensive Science Programmes:

From Physics to Biology, we offer a wide range of Secondary School Science tuition programmes tailored to suit every child’s needs and aspirations. 

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Secondary Science Tuition Programmes: Curriculum Breakdown

S1 Programme: Foundation Building

• Introduction to fundamental scientific concepts
• Exploration of basic principles in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
• Hands-on experiments to foster curiosity and exploration

S2 Programme: Building on Basics

• Deep dive into more complex scientific theories and principles
• Integration of practical applications into theoretical concepts
• Emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving skills development

S3 Programme: Advanced Concepts

• In-depth study of advanced scientific topics in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology
• Application of scientific knowledge to real-world scenarios
• Preparation for O-Level examinations with targeted exam-style practice

S4 Programme: Exam Readiness

• Intensive revision and exam preparation for O-Level Science examinations
• Focus on mastering exam techniques and strategies
• Mock exams and practice papers to build confidence and readiness for the final exams.

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