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Testimonials (Google Review 4.9 )

(Google Review 4.9 )

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Weekly Class Test

• Reinforces knowledge and skills from weekly homework.
• Quickly identifies and addresses learning gaps.
• Enhances memory through regular, active recall.

Progress Report: Weekly Lesson Updates

• Lesson Summary: Brief overview of topics covered in the lesson.
• Homework Details: Clear description of assigned homework.
• Behavior Assessment: Insights into the child’s conduct during the lesson.
• Learning Gap Identification: Key areas needing extra attention or support.

QR Code Video Solutions: Instant Access to Learning

• Easy Access: Scan and watch solutions without logging in or passwords.
• Individual QR Codes for Each Question: Immediate help for specific problems.
• Always Available Tutoring: Learn at home, at your own pace, anytime.
• Catch-Up Feature for Science: Review past topics quickly and stay updated.


Subject specialists provide expert tuition


Weekly tests to track progress


Regular performace reports


High impact homework to consolidate learning

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Welcome to LevelUp Tuition

Where we unlock your child's full potential with our results-driven PSLE tuition services!

We take pride in our small class sizes, weekly tests for progress tracking, and regular performance reports.
Our experienced team of educators, like Principal Kydon and Teacher Joyce, is dedicated to creating a positive and effective learning environment, ensuring each child receives the attention and guidance they need to succeed.

Join us and experience the LevelUp difference in nurturing your child’s educational journey.

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