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Meet Our Team

Highly trained and experienced teachers ready to teach your child

Principal Kydon Math and Science

Principal Kydon is a highly experienced Math and Science tutor, with over 10 years of experience. He excels at managing disruptive behaviour in the classroom and is a successful turnaround coach for weaker students. As an accomplished educator, Kydon is dedicated to helping students succeed.

Teacher Joyce is a highly experienced Phonics teacher, having successfully taught many N2-K2 students to read independently. She is skilled at managing the behavior of young children, creating a conducive learning environment.


Teacher Nikhail is an experienced and skilled primary secondary-level tutor, specialized in English, Math, and creating enjoyable learning experience. He conducts focused lessons, emphasizes positive atmosphere and provides feedback for student progress and success.


Felicia is a professional and passionate Mathematics Tutor who teaches with patience to help bring out potential of students to excel in the subject.

She has been tutoring primary school mathematics for the past 20 years.

Ms. Wendy has 5 years of experience as a private tutor. She can easily switch between English and Chinese to help children understand the characteristics and differences between Chinese and English language linguistics.

Teacher Lin Ling is an experienced and compassionate Chinese language tutor since 2000. Specializes in phonetics, reading, writing, and listening skills, examination strategies and helps students improve vocabulary, comprehension and writing skills. With her guidance, students have experienced significant progress and improvement.


Teacher Bella is an experienced educator teaching primary and secondary students in English and Science. She specializes in Primary and Secondary English, Primary and Lower Secondary Science, and Primary Math. She is dedicated to providing comprehensive and engaging learning experiences.

Teacher Sherry is a professional educator with four years of experience teaching primary and secondary school students in Math, Science, and English. She specializes in Secondary Math and Sciences and uses problem-solving exercises to foster critical thinking skills in students. She encourages active participation and open communication.


Jervalle has more than 3 years experience as a primary and secondary school tutor. She is experienced in coaching students to meet their academic goals. She specialises in creating techniques that helps students to understand and problem solve more effectively.