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Unlock the Power of Learning with Our Primary Science Program

Dive into the world of primary science with LevelUp Tuition, where we place a razor-sharp focus on keywords and key phrases essential to score in Booklet B (open ended) section of the exams. 

Primary Science

Our innovative notes are crafted in a flashcard-style format, with questions on one side and answers on the flip side. This design, rooted in scientifically proven methods, leverages testing and active recall to significantly enhance memory retention.

Every topic is meticulously covered with keywords and key phrases, curated and personally written by  Principal Kydon, who brings over a decade of teaching expertise.

His approach has guided numerous students to achieve top scores, including many AL1s and 2s. These notes are a pathway to mastering the language of science.

We conduct weekly class tests to drill students, ensuring they not only remember but also understand and can apply the content.

The results of these tests, along with scans, are conveniently sent to parents’ WhatsApp each week, alongside updates on homework and the child’s attitude in class. This keeps you fully informed about your child’s progress.

For students needing extra support on specific topics or those who join later in the academic year, we offer easily accessible QR code video lessons. These lessons require no passwords or logins – just a simple scan for instant access to revision material.

As exams approach, our focus shifts to timed practice with past year papers, providing students with real exam experience. The scores from these sessions are included in our detailed progress reports sent to parents.

In a unique approach to personalized learning, we introduce the “Second Attempt” the following week. Each student receives a customized copy, containing only the questions they initially answered incorrectly. This tailored strategy ensures that students concentrate on their areas of weakness, making their study time more efficient and effective. It’s not just about saving time; it’s about strategically targeting the areas that need the most attention, ensuring a deeper understanding and long-lasting knowledge.

Join us at LevelUp Tuition, where we transform the way students learn and succeed in primary science.

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Unlock the Wonders of Science With Primary School Science Tuition

Primary 3 & 4 Programme: Building Scientific Skills

• Deepening Understanding: Delving into more complex scientific topics and phenomena.
• Critical Thinking: Cultivating critical thinking skills through problem-solving activities.
• Practical Applications: Applying scientific knowledge to real-life situations through experiments and projects.

Primary 5 & 6 Programme: Preparing for Discovery

• Advanced Concepts: Mastering advanced scientific concepts and theories.
• Exam Readiness: Targeted practice is key to exam readiness. During our PSLE science tuition sessions, we allocate time specifically for practicing exam-style questions, particularly those resembling booklet B questions which often require more analytical thinking.
• Independent Inquiry: Encouraging independent research and exploration of scientific topics of interest

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