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Primary School Math Tuition in Singapore

Laying the Foundations for Success with Our Primary Math Class

Welcome to LevelUp Tuition’s Math Class, where we specialize in building a strong mathematical foundation for young learners. Our program is meticulously designed prepare children for the exciting challenges of primary school.

Primary Maths

At LevelUp Tuition, our math classes have a strong focus on word problems that are commonly tested in exams.  

Each question is accompanied by an individual QR code, blending traditional teaching with the convenience of technology. 

In class, after a new concept is taught, students immediately practice it, with teachers addressing the more complex problems. 

At home, students can revisit these problems, using the QR codes to access solutions and confirm their answers, all without the need for logging in or remembering passwords.

Building on this foundation, we conduct a class test the following week on the same questions to ensure retention of methods and techniques. 

The results, along with scanned copies of the test, are communicated to parents in our weekly progress report. 

During exam periods, our focus shifts to timed practice with past year exam papers, with immediate marking and feedback within the same lesson, and scores promptly sent to parents.

In a unique approach to reinforcement, we introduce the ‘Second Attempt’ the following week. 

Each student receives a personalized version of this, containing only the questions they previously answered incorrectly. 

This tailored method ensures students concentrate on areas where they need improvement, making their study time more efficient and effective in addressing weaknesses.

This innovative approach not only saves time but also significantly enhances the students’ ability to master challenging problems.

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High Angle Kid Playing With Letters
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What Sets Our Primary School Math Tuition Apart?

Solid Understanding of Core Concepts:

We ensure that our students have a robust grasp of fundamental mathematical concepts. With our specially designed worksheets, complete with QR codes for interactive learning, we set the stage for your child’s future academic success. 

Problem-Solving Skills Development:

Our curriculum trains students to apply basic concepts using critical thinking skills and heuristics, enabling them to tackle complex problems with confidence.

Exam Preparation:

Our comprehensive exam preparation, including PSLE maths tuition, instils confidence in our students and empowers them to achieve remarkable results in their school examinations.

Passion for Mathematics:

We instil a sustained passion and appreciation for mathematics in our students, making learning an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Challenge and Support:

We encourage our students to excel by challenging them with advanced problems, while providing the support they need to succeed.

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Primary School Math Tuition Programmes


Enhanced problem-solving techniques coupled with lots of pracitce on word problems to tackle more complex challenges.

Mastery in Problem Sums

Personalised second attempt for practice or exam papers, where only the questions a student got wrong are included, is a great way to help students focus on their weak areas and achieve mastery.

Exam-Oriented Questions

Increased exposure through practice questions that mirror the format and style of typical exam questions.

Visually Appealing Cheat Sheets

Continued use of visual aids to support learning and retention.

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