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Welcome to LevelUp Tuition, where education meets innovation.

Our approach is rooted in science-based techniques designed to enhance memory retention and learning efficiency. By integrating these proven methods with our curriculum, we ensure that our students don’t just learn, but truly comprehend and retain knowledge. “It’s fun and it works” isn’t just a slogan; it’s a reflection of our commitment to making learning both enjoyable and effective.

Our team of experienced educators and subject experts are dedicated to delivering top-quality instruction using a blend of traditional and modern teaching methods. We embrace technology to make learning accessible, interactive, and fun, while our science-based strategies ensure that every lesson is not only engaging but also impactful.

Join us at LevelUp Tuition, and embark on a journey of discovery, mastery, and success. Together, we don’t just learn; we level up!

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At LevelUp Tuition, our vision is harmonise science-based learning techniques with the joy of discovery.
We aspire to create an educational paradigm where effective learning and effort go hand in hand, transforming the way students approach their studies.

Our goal is to cultivate an environment where scoring well in exams becomes a natural outcome of an engaging and enjoyable learning process.

By integrating innovative, research-backed methods with a fun and interactive learning experience, we aim to empower students to achieve their academic goals with confidence and enthusiasm, setting a new standard for what it means to learn and succeed.
Vintage book and light bulb on a wood table
Vintage book and light bulb on a wood table


At LevelUp Tuition, our mission is to revolutionize the learning experience by seamlessly integrating science-based techniques with engaging and interactive educational methods.

We are dedicated to providing a unique learning environment that balances effective study strategies with minimal effort, making academic success more accessible and enjoyable for all students.

We commit to utilizing innovative, research-backed strategies that not only make learning fun but also enhance memory retention and understanding.

Our focus is on nurturing a love for learning, encouraging curiosity, and building confidence in our students.

We strive to ensure that excelling in exams is a natural progression for our students, resulting from a deeper comprehension and a genuine interest in their studies.

By fostering a supportive and stimulating atmosphere, we aim to empower students to reach their full academic potential and set new benchmarks in educational achievement.

Key Feature of Our Curriculum

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Weekly Class Test

  • At LevelUp Tuition, we embrace the scientifically-backed approach of regular, low-stakes testing to enhance learning and memory retention.
  • Frequent testing is key to reinforcing knowledge and evaluating progress, we have integrated weekly class tests into our curriculum.
  • These tests are designed not as high-pressure exams but as tools for continuous learning and improvement.
  • They provide our students with regular opportunities to recall and apply what they have learned, thereby solidifying their understanding and aiding long-term retention.
  • This method not only helps students remember better but also reduces exam anxiety, as they become accustomed to the process of being assessed. 
  • By incorporating these weekly tests, we ensure that our students are consistently engaged with the material, leading to deeper learning and more effective education.

Receive a Progress Report after Each Class

  • Customised progress reports for each student and subject (reports available in Chinese)
  • Detailed overview of class performance and student’s behaviour
  • Recommendations for improvement and at-home focus
  • Weekly class test results and marked classwork/homework scans
  • Attendance and homework completion tracking


  • Individual QR Codes for Each Question/Topic: Every question or topic comes with a unique QR code, providing direct access to specific solutions and explanations.
  • Instant Access to Solutions: If a student is stuck on a problem, they can simply scan the QR code associated with that question to instantly view the video solution.
  • Hassle-Free Experience: No login or password is required. The process is as simple as scanning the QR code with a smartphone or tablet.
  • On-Demand Learning Support: Students can access help exactly when they need it, facilitating immediate understanding and learning reinforcement.

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