Engaging Math Preschool Classes in Singapore

Laying the Foundations for Success with Our Pre School Math Class

Welcome to LevelUp Tuition’s Math Class, where we specialize in building a strong mathematical foundation for young learners. Our program is meticulously designed prepare children for the exciting challenges of primary school.

Mastering the Basics:

Our experienced educators use a variety of engaging and age-appropriate methods to ensure these concepts are not only learned but also thoroughly understood and enjoyed.

A Fun and Interactive Approach:

Our classes are interactive and filled with activities that make learning math an enjoyable experience. Through games, puzzles, and hands-on activities, we make sure that our lessons are exciting and engaging for our young learners.

Preparation for Primary School:

Our goal is to ensure that our students are well-prepared for the transition to primary school. We introduce them to the type of mathematical thinking and problem-solving they will encounter in their next stage of education. 

Personalized Attention:

Our classes are structured to ensure that each child receives the support and guidance they need to flourish. Whether a child is grappling with a new concept or ready to move ahead, our teachers are there to provide the right balance of challenge and encouragement.

Regular Progress Updates:

Parents are kept in the loop with regular updates on their child’s progress. We believe in a collaborative approach to education, where teachers and parents work together to support the child’s learning journey.

Enroll your child in LevelUp Tuition’s Math Class and give them the advantage of a strong mathematical foundation, setting them on a path to success as they step into primary school. Our program is more than just learning numbers; it’s about nurturing a lifelong appreciation and confidence in math.

Mother And Daughter Learning, Reading And Writing Letters
High Angle Kid Playing With Letters
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Comprehensive Preschool Math Programmes

Nursery (Ages 3-4): Foundations of Math

• Number Recognition: Introducing basic number concepts through fun and interactive activities.
• Simple Counting: Learning to count objects and understand quantity.
• Shapes and Patterns: Exploring shapes, patterns, and spatial awareness through hands-on play.

Kindergarten 1 (Ages 4-5): Building Math Skills

• Basic Addition and Subtraction: Introducing simple arithmetic with visual aids and manipulatives.
• Sorting and Classifying: Developing critical thinking skills by sorting objects by size, colour, and shape.
• Measurement Concepts: Understanding basic measurement concepts using everyday items.

Kindergarten 2 (Ages 5-6): Preparing for Primary School

• Advanced Counting: Mastering counting up to 100 and beyond.
• Problem Solving: Solving simple maths problems and puzzles to enhance logical thinking.
• Introduction to Fractions: Understanding basic fractions through interactive activities and visual aids.

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