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Join our Chinese tuition program for comprehensive Mandarin language education. With weekly class tests, spelling, and “Ting Xie” practice, students hone their skills. Our experienced instructors provide personalized attention, ensuring each student’s success. Interactive activities make learning engaging and fun. Students maintain a vocabulary notebook to track new words. Choose us for proven success, flexible schedules, and a positive learning environment. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced learner, our program caters to your needs. Enroll now for a rewarding Mandarin learning journey!

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What Sets Us Apart?

Strong Foundation in Mandarin:

We ensure that students develop a solid grasp of core Chinese language concepts, laying the groundwork for future success.

Effective Application of Concepts:

Our curriculum emphasises the use of thinking skills and heuristics to help students apply basic concepts in problem-solving.

Confidence in Exams:

We thoroughly prepare our students for their school’s examinations, boosting their confidence and ensuring they are well-equipped to excel.

Passion for Learning:

We strive to instil a sustained passion and appreciation for the Chinese language, making learning an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Commitment to Excellence:

We challenge our students to reach their highest potential, providing support and encouragement every step of the way.

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Comprehensive Primary Chinese Tuition Programmes: P1-P6 Breakdown

Primary 1 & 2 Programme: Building a Strong Foundation

• Core Concepts: Introduction to basic Chinese characters and vocabulary.
• Reading and Writing: Developing early reading and writing skills.
• Speaking and Listening: Emphasis on pronunciation and comprehension through engaging activities.

Primary 3 & 4 Programme: Strengthening Language Skills

• Advanced Vocabulary: Expansion of vocabulary to enhance reading and writing abilities.
• Comprehension and Composition: Building skills in understanding texts and composing simple essays.
• Conversational Chinese: Improving speaking and listening skills through interactive conversations.

Primary 5 & 6 Programme: Preparing for Excellence

• Complex Texts: Mastery of advanced reading materials and comprehension techniques.
• Essay Writing: Refining composition skills for more complex essay topics.
• Exam Preparation: Intensive practice with exam-style questions to ensure readiness and confidence.

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