English Tuition for Secondary School Students in Singapore

Secondary English

In our secondary school English program, students will delve into familiar components from primary school, such as essay writing, situational writing, comprehension, editing, and orals. Additionally, they will encounter new elements like summary writing and literary analysis of unseen poetry and prose. Our curriculum exposes students to various question formats and requirements for these components. With a focus on global awareness, comprehension passages touch upon topics ranging from education and the environment to global issues and the arts. Through weekly lessons, students refine their reading and writing skills, expressing thoughts fluently, identifying question types, and summarizing information effectively. They develop time management through practice tests and participate in workshop-style lessons to sharpen their skills. Our aim is to equip students with the tools for academic excellence, nurturing their abilities in communication, critical thinking, and analysis.

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What Sets Us Apart?

Tailored Strategies:

Our expert tutors provide specific strategies for each section of the English paper, ensuring your child is equipped to excel in comprehension, composition, and oral examinations. 

In-house Curriculum:

We continually update our in-house curriculum to align our English tuition for secondary school students with the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) assessment formats, ensuring students are well-prepared for their examinations. 

Experienced Educators:

Our team comprises highly experienced teachers who are passionate about guiding students to reach their full potential. 

Thematic Learning for Critical Thinking:

Our English tuition for secondary school students adopts a thematic approach to stimulate discussion on real-world issues, fostering critical thinking and broadening perspectives.

Direct Communication Channels:

Parents have direct access to their child’s progress through our online student portal and messaging app, ensuring you are always informed and involved in your child’s learning journey.

Tailored English Programmes for Secondary-Level Students: S1-S4 Breakdown

Grammar for Essay Writing and Editing

Perfect your editing skills and enhance your language proficiency through the mastery of essential grammar rules. Our English tuition for secondary school students in Singapore covers a range of common mistakes and provides targeted strategies to elevate your writing.

Mastery of Different Essay Genres

Delve into the art of essay writing with curated content notes and model samples. Learn argumentation techniques for argumentative writing and storytelling skills for reflective narratives. Our step-by-step approach simplifies the writing process, making mastery achievable for all.

Perfecting Responses for Situational Writing

Unlock the skills, techniques, and formats required for various text types, from formal letters to speeches.

Elevating Comprehension and Answering Skills

Develop advanced text annotation and close reading skills to decipher textual nuances effectively.

Improve Oral Communication Skills

Refine your child’s spoken interaction delivery and organisational skills for the oral component. Explore themed discussions and receive tailored feedback to boost confidence and fluency.

Developing Essential Listening Skills

Hone listening skills through targeted drills and practices, ensuring mastery of this often-overlooked examination component.

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