Phonics Enrichment Classes:
Building Strong Foundations

Unlock the World of Reading with Our Phonics Program

Welcome to LevelUp Tuition’s Phonics Program, a comprehensive and engaging journey into the world of reading. 

A Proven Approach to Phonics Learning:

Our phonics program breaks down the complex process of reading into manageable, incremental lessons. This approach ensures that children grasp the basics of phonics in a way that is both enjoyable and deeply educational.

Personalized Learning Experience:

Our program is designed to cater to individual needs, allowing children to progress at their own pace. 

Interactive and Fun:

Our lessons are interactive, involving a variety of activities that make learning to read a fun and engaging experience. We use a mix of visual aids, games, and hands-on activities to keep children excited about their phonics journey.

Building a Strong Foundation:

The focus of our program is to build a strong foundation in phonics, which is essential for reading proficiency. We cover all key aspects of phonics, from basic letter recognition to the understanding of complex sound combinations.

Regular Assessments and Feedback:

Progress is monitored through regular assessments, ensuring that each child is on track with their phonics learning. Feedback is provided in a constructive and encouraging manner, helping to guide children through their learning journey with positivity and support.

Join us at LevelUp Tuition for a phonics program that opens up a world of words, stories, and endless possibilities for your child. Our expertly crafted program is more than just learning to read; it’s about nurturing a lifelong love for books and reading.

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Phonics Enrichment Classes for Preschoolers

Introduction to Letter Sounds (Ages 3-4)

• Phonemic Awareness: Teaching children to recognize and manipulate individual sounds in words.
• Letter Recognition: Introducing letters of the alphabet and their corresponding sounds through interactive activities.
• Blending and Segmenting: Practising blending sounds together to form words and segmenting words into individual sounds.

Building Word Families (Ages 4-5)

• Word Decoding Skills: Teaching children to decode unfamiliar words using phonetic strategies.
• Word Families: Exploring common word patterns and families to enhance reading fluency.
• Sight Words: Introducing high-frequency sight words to improve reading comprehension.

Reading Fluency and Comprehension (Ages 5-6)

• Reading Aloud: Encouraging children to read aloud with expression and accuracy.
• Reading Comprehension: Developing comprehension skills through guided reading sessions and discussions.
• Vocabulary Expansion: Introducing new vocabulary words and strategies for understanding context clues.

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