Embark on a Linguistic Adventure with Our Preschool Chinese Program

Welcome to LevelUp Tuition’s Preschool Chinese Program. Our program is specially designed for young learners, focusing on Hanyu Pinyin, Tingxie (listening and writing), and the correct strokes for writing Chinese characters.

Hanyu Pinyin - The Building Blocks:

Understanding Hanyu Pinyin is crucial in learning Chinese. It’s the first step in grasping how to pronounce words correctly. Our experienced educators introduce Hanyu Pinyin through engaging and age-appropriate methods, making it easy and fun for children to learn the sounds and tones of Chinese. This early exposure helps in developing clear and accurate pronunciation, setting a strong base for their language development.

Tingxie - Mastering Chinese Spelling:

Tingxie, or Chinese spelling, is an integral part of our curriculum. It’s a practice that not only improves listening skills but also reinforces character recognition and vocabulary. In our classes, children engage in various listening and writing exercises, gradually enhancing their ability to comprehend and write Chinese words accurately. This is important to prepare them for the realities of Primary 1. 

Correct Stroke Order - The Art of Writing:

Our program places a strong emphasis on teaching the correct stroke order from the very beginning. Learning to write characters correctly helps in memorizing them more effectively and is essential for beautiful, legible handwriting.

A Fun and Immersive Environment:

We believe that the best learning happens in a fun, engaging, and supportive environment. Our classes are filled with songs, stories, and activities that immerse children in the Chinese language and culture. This approach keeps them motivated and eager to learn more.

Personalized Attention and Regular Updates:

Each child’s progress is important to us. We ensure personalized attention to cater to the individual needs of our young learners. Parents receive regular updates on their child’s progress, including their achievements and areas for improvement.

Enroll your child in LevelUp Tuition’s Preschool Chinese Program and give them the gift of language. Our program is more than just learning Chinese; it’s about nurturing a deep connection with one of the world’s oldest and most spoken languages, setting them on a path of cultural discovery and linguistic proficiency.

Mother And Daughter Learning, Reading And Writing Letters
High Angle Kid Playing With Letters
Close up Chld Doing Homework